Apple OS X

Timeline of the iPhone in pictures

Well, its only a few hours until the iPhone 4.0 event.  There is a lot of anticipation in the air and on the Internet.  Everyone wants to know what is coming ne...

Mac Update to 10.6.3 available

For all you MacBook and MacBook Pro users, as well as the Mac mini folks, its update time once again.  The new 10.6.3 release is now available for download via ...

CES- I Heart the iLounge

One of the large pavilions here at CES is called the iLounge.  And, as you can guess from the name, its al things Apple and Mac related.  And, since I am one of...

OSX 10.6 “Snow Leopard” Ships on August 28th

Normally when the Apple store goes offline its return is met with cheers of Joy for new Apple products but the brief outage this morning didn't bring the chorus of cheers that the actual release of Snow Leopard would. Thankfully Apple did announce the new features of OSX 10.6 that Snow Leopard will ship on August 28th.

Apple Announces Snow Leopard OS, $29 to Upgrade

hero20080609Today's a big news day for Apple with their annual WWDC in San Francisco. OS X has been updated to 10.6 and will be called Snow Leopard, which will be offered at an upgrade price of $29 for single users and $49 for a 5-license Family Pack. Users of Snow Leopard will notice a performance increase over previous versions of OS X thanks to increased implementation of 64-bit software that can utilize greater than 4GB of RAM while seeing a net increase of roughly 6GB of storage space thanks to a streamlining of the OS footprint. Check out the full press release below: