Google Voice for Your PC

Google is planning to release an application that will allow users of Google Voice to both make and receive calls on their computer, says Michael Arrington at TechCrunch.

imageCurrently, to receive calls with your Google Voice number, you must tie it to an already existing phone like your cell or home line. This rumored Google Voice client will allow you to make and receive calls directly from your computer just like Skype does for a fee. This will let you use your PC as a phone to both send and receive calls.

The new features are likely coming out of Google’s acquisition of Gizmo5, the VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) service used for making P2P calls and calls to land lines or cell phones.

Google Voice pairs with your phone to allow you to send and receive calls, text messages and accept voice mail. Our own Xavier Lanier reviewed Google Voice and awarded it an Editor’s choice award . You choose a number in your area and then have all calls forwarded to this number. The real benefit is that in the US and Canada, calls are free. International calls are toll calls, but they are much less expensive than traditional phone service. Currently you can initiate a Google Voice call from a computer, by entering a number and having Google ring one of the phone’s on your account.

TechCrunch does not report a release date, but says the client is being tested internally at Google and could release soon.”

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