Notebook Demand in China catching up to U.S.

Notebook computer manufacturers are predicting that global sales will be flat in the second half of 2010, compared to the first half. This would buck the normal trends, says a Digitimes report and might not be seen as good news for manufacturers who depend on Christmas sales here in the West.  According to the report, last year 4 of 10 notebooks was sold in the first half of the year compared to 6 of 10 in the second half.


But the numbers are not as bleak as the headline might suggest; China is a growing market and their holiday seasons are in the first half of the year. The numbers are not suggesting falling sales in the West, but growing sales in the East to match the strong second half sales typical of the West. If the demand in China increases to match that of the U.S. and Europe, we’ll expect to see a similar number of notebooks purchased, just spread out evenly between the first and second half of the year.

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