What it’s like to cover the Consumer Electronics Show (Video)

This was my first year to cover CES, and cover it I did. Along with Xavier, Amy and Sumocat (from GottabeMobile) we put up an incredible number of posts and covered an uncountable number of miles in and around Vegas.

This was my first trip to Vegas and my first trip to CES so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had watched Notebooks.com and other blogs like JKOnTheRun, Laptop Magazine and Engadget cover CES for years but never understood what went on to bring all of the content to my computer screen.

Before I left for the show I turned on Google Latitude’s History feature which provides a breadcrumb-like trail based on my phone. Most of the time this used the cell phone signal to locate me, and others the built in GPS, but no matter how it tracked me looking back at the data-points shows a man on the move.

latitude historysm

I’ve set the walkthrough, from when my plane touched down in Vegas, to music and embedded it below for you to get an idea of what covering CES is like. Make sure you pay attention to the time stamps in the upper left that show you when I was on the go. Then translate that from Pacific Time into Eastern, which is the timezone I live in.

Music with permission from Kate Baker.

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