CES- Sony’s going green with the Vaio W-Series Eco


All of the big OEM notebook vendors are on a green kick.  They all want their products to environmentally friendly.  Its good PR for them, and it really is good for the planet.

Sony threw themselves into the green computing market with the new Sony Vaio W-Series Eco– the 212AX..  The new mini notebook mini notebook features a processed plastic chassis that is comprised of about 20% recycled CDs. Its a good use for all of that plastic. The carrying case is also made from recycled products– PET bottles.

Basic specs on this new green mini notebook:

  • Chassis made from recycled CDs
  • HD 10.1″ backlit  widescreeen (1366 x 768)
  • 250 GB hard drive
  • Windows 7 starter edition
  • Norton suite of software

  • Kidzui software

The new Vaio is priced at $480.  Not a bad price point for a Vaio.


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