CES: Samsung Announces Additions to R-Series of Notebooks

Samsung announced 5 new additions to their R series of notebooks today at CES which offer a mix of power and affordability. The new models include the Samsung R780, R580, R480, R530 and R430 models.


The Samsung R780, R580 and R480 notebooks are the power section of the 5 new notebooks with Intel processors and nVidia GeForce Graphics this trio of notebooks aims to make it easy for you to work and play without compromising.

One stand-out feature of the Samsung R580 is it’s invisible touchpad which blends right into the palmwrest. I hope to get a hands on with the R580 in while I am at CES to try this addition out firsthand especially since I am a person who enjoys a distinct change in feel between the mousepad and the palmwrest to avoid mis-mousing.

The Samsung R530 and 430 notebooks cut out some of the power in exchange for a more affordable pricetag; but exact cost details on the new R series were not immediately available.

samsung r580 2

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