Alienware m11x: 11″ Gaming Notebook for Under $1,000

Alienware builds some incredibly powerful, but expensive gaming notebooks. So it was surprising to me when I walked into Dell’s press conference and saw a mini version of the uber-powerful Alienware m17x, which has earned a Editor’s Choice Award.

The Alienware M11x combines an Nvidia GT 335M GPU with an Intel low-voltage processor to deliver a mobile gaming experience. Of course powerful graphics aren’t can drain a battery pretty quickly. To get around this problem, Dell’s implemented Hybrid graphics, which means you can switch to power-saving Intel GMA graphics when you’re browsing the web or working.


Dell claims the Alienware m11X will run for up to 6 hours on power saving mode and 2.5 hours on gaming mode.

Dell quoted some lofty gaming performance settings for current games like Modern Warfare 2. We’ll try and get a hands-on video to see if it plays as well as we were told.

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