Nvida ION 2 Likley to Arrive Alongside the Atom N450 in January

Digitimes is reporting that the Nvidia ION 2 chip will likely arrive in time to support the new Intel Atom N450 CPU which is expected to be released in January in a slew of new netbooks.

According to the report the release of Nvidia ION 2 will, “resemble and act more like a discrete GPU.” This should allow for increased performance and better handling of graphic intense processes on netbooks.

It will be interesting to see if the advances with ION 2 will be as great as they were with the first ION GPU which can be found in several netbooks including the HP Mini 311, which has more multimedia chops than most netbooks.

The Digitimes also reports that Acer has already ordered Nvidia ION 2 GPU chips for an upcoming Atom powered machine.

If you don’t need a netbook before January, you may be better off waiting to get a more advanced machine early in 2010.