How to Speed up Slow Netbook SSD Drives Without Upgrading

Did you buy a netbook with an SSD drive expecting blazing fast hard drive speeds, but end up with a relatively slow SSD? If so then you should check out FlashFire, an SSD Accelerator that uses your netbook’s RAM to increase the speed of low end SSDs.

Essentially, FlashFire performs some Windows tweaks to increase the write performance of your SSD and in turn provide a much more usable system, without paying for a new drive. It appears to be buffering the data so that writing and reading do not occur at the same time, a task that SSDs have issues with.

Many users have reported faster 4k write speeds after installing FlashFire on their system and overall snappier performance.

FlashFire is a free program that works on Windows XP 32-bit and Windows Vista or Windows 7 32-bit.In the event that you have issues, or don’t see the same improvements as others have reported you can uninstall FlashFire using the Control Panel.

While you won’t see the same speed increases as putting a high end SSD into your system, FlashFire is a great way to get some extra speed out of the low end SSD drives that are shipped with most netbooks.