Digital River Provides Students With a ISO File to Fix Windows & Upgrade Problems

Digital River, the company handling (or mishandling) the Windows 7 student upgrade offer for Microsoft has finally issued a fix to the numerous problems users had with the Windows 7 upgrade files that were given to them.

One problem that users faced was the inability to do a clean install or upgrade from Windows XP due to the fact that the files provided by Digital River made it hard to do. Yes, you could turn your Digital River Windows 7 download into a bootable DVD, but it was an involved process.

Another issue that users had was the inability to extract the Windows 7 64 bit upgrade files on a Windows Vista 32 bit computer. Attempting to do so resulted in a, Unpacking the Box” error that prevented many users from enjoying the new features of Windows 7. While we showed you how to fix the, Unpacking the Box” error; it was still hit or miss and users needed a better way.

Finally, Digital River and Microsoft have released a new download that will work with the Windows 7 Product Key sent to you by Digital River. All you need to do is download one of the following files helpfully found by Lifehacker.

Upgrade Instructions [Microsoft/Digital River]

ISO file [Direct ISO link]

Bootable DVD/USB creator [Direct .exe link]

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