Google Maps Navigation for Android 2.0 (video)

Google announced Maps Navigation for Android 2.0 today and published a video demo of the software. The navigation software will be free for Android 2.0 phones, the first of which will be available in early November.

The software is voice-enabled, which means you can search for points of interest by speaking into your phone rather than tapping at the screen while driving.

Google’s Maps Navigation is designed to bring drivers real-time traffic and route information. Most navigation systems aren’t connected to the web and often have outdated information.

As you can see in the video below, there are several views available. Street view can be used so you can actually see what your intersection or off-ramp looks like before you come to it.

The application will be available at no charge to people with Android 2.0 phones. The first such fun is the Droid, which will be sold through Verizon stores starting on November 6.

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