HP Pavilion dm3t Boasts 9 hours of Battery Life With WIFI

There’s something about a 13″ notebook with a 9 hour battery life that calls to mind true love in notebook form, and that’s what I thought I had encountered when I first read Laptop magazine’s review of the HP Pavilion dm3t, but no love is without fault and the trackpad of the new dm3t changes it from love at first sight to try before you buy.

Still, even with a sluggish trackpad, the HP dm3t does have plenty going for itself. The under 1″ frame, sleek aluminum styling, multitude of connections, 7200RPM hard drive and long battery life make for an impressive notebook; especially one starting at $639!


Laptop Magazine’s trackpad troubles:

Where the ergonomic experience takes a turn for the worse is with the touchpad. Not only is this silver mirrored surface too glossy (it picked up fingerprint smudges fast), but the cursor kept getting stuck, and we had to make multiple swipes to move across the desktop. It actually felt like we were fighting the touchpad. Increasing the pointing speed improved things a bit, but the cursor was still jumpy. Our advice: try before you buy. The silver touchpad buttons are plenty large, if a bit narrow, and offered good tactile feedback.

As I mentioned, the battery life on the HP dm3t is impressive, even more so when you compare its 9 hour and four minute life with continuous web surfing to the 4 hour average in its category. The ability to go all day, under normal working conditions, without looking for an outlet or worrying about running out of power when you need it the most is a great feeling.


The Hp dm3t also earned positive marks for an excellent keyboard and a webcam that performed well even in low light conditions but unfortunately, the trackpad impeded productivity too much, and detracted from the rest of the dm3t’s positive features in the review.

For more information, and to decide whether the Pavilion dm3t is the right notebook for you to use all day long, read the full review of the HP Pavilion dm3t at Laptop Magazine.

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