EeePC Netbook w/Touchscreen

eeepc_t91_t101hJoanna Stern took a look at the first EeePC netbooks with touchscreens. The T91 (8.9 inches) and the T101H (10-inches) are convertible netbooks that look a lot different than previous Eee PCs.

Joanna seems to have liked what she saw and Laptop Mag nominated the T91 for its Best of CES 2009 awards.

The 8.9 inch T91 is one of the most compact Eee PCs we have seen to date and at an inch thick and 2 pounds it is smaller and lighter than the Eee PC 901. The model on display had a black glossy lid with the usual Eee branding on the center.

Check out LaptopMag to watch a couple of videos of Joanna playing with them.

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