CES 2009

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Boston Power CEO On the Future of Notebook Batteries (video from CES 2009)

I met up with Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud, the CEO and founder of Boston Power, at CES 2009. Her company that hopes to drastically improve the longevity of notebook batteries. HP's the first notebook OEM to sell Boston Power batteries, which can stand up to 1,000 or more cycles and be charged up to 80% capcity in just 30 minutes.
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Shure X2u XLR to USB, Analog to Digital

The Shure X2u takes any XLR mic and adapts it to USB. This is perfect for aspiring musicians who need to make professional-quality recordings on their notebooks...
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Xpal Power- Extra Power On the Go

Here's a quick look at the XPal Power booth at CES 2009. The company makes extended batteries and solar panels for your notebook and other mobile gadgets.

Worst of CES: Cell Mate

cellmate_ces_2009I saw a lot of cool notebooks and gadgets at CES, but I also ran into my fair share of products that should have been dragged off the show floor. The Cell Mate is a prime example of this.
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SanDisk G3 Solid State Drives Explained (CES 2009)

Dorette from SanDisk showed me the company's full lineup of solid state drives at CES 2009. but I'm much more excited about the SanDisk G3 SSDs. The G3 series, which are available in 60GB, 120GB and 240GB will start at just $149 at retail.
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Blendtec CEO: Most Unexpected Meeting at CES 2009 (video)

I knew I was going to get to spend some time with some execs at CES 2009, but I didn't plan on meeting the CEO of Blendtec, who's better know as 'that guy' from "Will it Blend." I talked with Tom Dickson about the success of his videos and how it's impacted his business.

Vuzix Wrap 920AV (CES 2009)

The Vuzix Wrap 920AV goggles combine video with the real world. It takes almost any mobile device's video signal and projects what appears to be a 60-inch image onto the real world.

EeePC Netbook w/Touchscreen

eeepc_t91_t101hJoanna Stern took a look at the first EeePC netbooks with touchscreens. The T91 (8.9 inches) and the T101H (10-inches) are convertible netbooks that look a lot different than previous Eee PCs.
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Synaptics Touchpad Gesture Demo (CES 2009)

Warner Crocker from GottaBeMobile.com caught up with Robin Palmer from Synaptics. She shows off how gesture-enabled touchpads are much more functional than standard touchpads.