New ASUS Eee PC Netbooks Will Wake Instantly From Sleep

Liliputing points to a nice new feature ASUS will introduce with their new Eee PC 1025C and 1025CS netbooks, which are due out later this month. Yes, I said netbooks. They’re still relevant.

Anyway, the “Instant On” feature isn’t about instant booting but promises a 3 second wake from sleep. Coupled with this speed is such low power consumption that the netbooks will last for 21 days in sleep mode (not to be confused with Hibernate).

We’ve seen some fast wake times on ultrabooks, but Brad Linder is correct in pointing out that this is a feature usually found on more expensive PCs like ultrabooks. Usually. The exception is Samsung netbooks, which have had this feature for a few years now. It’s called Fast Start on Samsung machines, and the company first introduced it around the time the N150 Plus came out.

ASUS Instant On

I’m glad to see it coming to other laptops, be they netbook or larger. I like being able to open the lid and have a laptop come on right away. And I also like knowing that putting it to sleep won’t drain too much battery. Hibernate is the champion at that, but takes time to resume. Almost as much time as booting.

According to Liliputing the Eee PC 1025C will cost $299 and the 1025CE will cost $319 due to a faster processor. Both CPUs are Intel Atom, of course.

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