Jolicloud 1.0 Hands On Video

Sascha Pallenberg from NetbookNews (page in German) got a hold of the new unreleased Jolicloud 1.0 update and quickly installed it on his new Acer Aspire One 533 and tested it out. Fortunately for us he documented the newest version of JoliCloud on video.

Here is Pallenberg’s initial hands on with JoliCloud 1.0 video, scroll down for more about the JoliCloud operating system and to learn what’s new.

Jolicloud is a free Linux-based operating system designed with the Netbook in mind. You can set it up on your netbook in a dual-boot environment allowing you to use both Windows and Jolicloud depending on which one you select when you first start the netbook. With netbooks in mind, Jolicloud is designed  to take special advantage of cloud based apps and tools in order to backup your content and conserve space on your hard drive. Hence the name of the OS. Some netbooks have smaller drives, especially older ones and those with solid state drives. Also, if you already have Windows installed, you may not have as much room for another OS.

One of the coolest features in Jolicloud is the one click install for new apps. If you have ever tried to install an app on Linux, you know it can be a challenge with all the dependencies often required to install new software in the OS. Dependencies are those files that are required to be installed in order for your selected app to run.

In the video Pallenberg says the new version is very fast and connects quickly to online tools Boxee, a service used to watch video from the Internet. He calls it a fantastic update” and a huge improvement” over the previous version.

Jolicloud supports HTML 5 and has many apps that you will recognize like Firefox, Hulu, and Boxee. He reported that the folks from Jolicloud have a million apps to install. Pallenberg also said it has great driver support.

In this video Pallenberg gives us a walk through of the previous version that he refers to in the above video:

Over at the Jolicloud blog, on July 9th, they posted the following regarding when it will become available:

We will progressively roll out Jolicloud 1.0 to all users starting next week, but we’ll give priority to our founding members who have been here since the first Alpha release. You’ll be notified in your Update page when you have been selected to upgrade. Just follow the instructions and restart – making sure that you are connected to the Internet to activate your new Jolicloud.

You can download the prior version now from the Jolicloud website and you will get the update soon.

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