Dell Wireless 700, Mini 10w/GPS Demo (video)

Dell introduced Dell Wireless 700, an option that adds location awareness to the Dell Mini 10 netbook. With the $69 upgrade, users will be able to get turn-by-turn directions and use location-based services.

I sat down with Hari Ganti and Alan Sicher for a demo of the GPS-enabled Dell Mini 10. Dell has partnered with Skyhook so that users’ locations are accurate even when a GPS signal is not available.

The GPS navigation application is called CoPilot. It’s very simple to use and it’s much easier to enter destinations using a full keyboard than a touchscreen. Of course a netbook isn’t the best form-factor to mount on your dashboard.

Dell Wireless 700 will be a $69 upgrade on customizable Dell Mini 10’s. It will be available the second week of July, 2009.

Hari Ganti explains more about Dell Wireless 700 in the first video and Alan Sicher gives a walk-through of the software in the second video.

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