How to Upgrade a Unibody MacBook Pro’s Memory

The new aluminum MacBook and MacBook Pro sure look sharp, but it’s a pain to upgrade their RAM. Nate from Gearlive put together a great tutorial on how to upgrade to the maximum 4GB of RAM.

As you can see the hard drive is really easy to access, but getting to the memory sticks requires removing eight screws. This isn’t too difficult if you’re a geek who’s used to opening computers, but exposing the innards of a computer can be overwhelming.

The new MacBook and MacBook Pro can accommodate up to 4GB of memory. If yours came with only 2GB of RAM and you want to upgrade I highly recommend watching Nate’s tutorial below:

It was much simpler to upgrade RAM on previous generation MacBook Pros. I wish more notebooks could offer simple memory access like the HP Mini 1000. Compare the upgrade process on the MacBook Pro to my HP Mini 1000.

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