HP MIni 1000: How to Upgrade RAM in Less Than 20 Seconds (video)

Today I upgraded my Mini 1000’s memory from 1GB to 2GB in less than 20 seconds and I didn’t even need to use a screw driver. Upgrading RAM on a notebook is usually a pretty simple task for experienced computer users, but I don’t see how HP could’ve made this any easier on the Mini 1000. Check out this video to see what I mean.

No tools are necessary as there are no screws holdnig the Mini 1000’s memory door shut. Instead there’s a little latch next to the one of the battery releases. All you need is a pointy object like a pen or a knife to reach a hole in the latch so you can slide it to the side. The battery door pops off and gives you easy access to the single memory slot.

You can get a 2GB memory stick from NewEgg, Amazon.com or most other online retailers for under $25. HP does not sell the Mini 1000 with 2GB of memory if you order the XP version because of a licensing agreement with Microsoft. When the MIE (Ubuntu) Mini 1000 is released in January you will be able to customize it with 2GB of RAM on HP’s Web site.

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