Apple MacBook Brick: New Manufacturing Process?

Cosmetic refreshes for the MacBooks and MacBook Pros are long overdue, but they may be just around the corner. The guys over at 9to5 Mac claim to have insider info about Apple’s ‘Brick,’ which isn’t a MacBook at all, but an innovative manufacturing process that may allow for a sleeker MacBook case and lower prices.

The ‘brick’ is supposedly a single block of aluminum that the MacBooks will be milled from. Current MacBook Pro and MacBook Air cases are made from sheets of Aluminum. The new process will supposedly eliminate seems and screws, offering a completely smooth surface.

I’m not one to obsess over Apple rumors, but Seth and his team have been on the money lately when it comes to predicting new Apple products. His article is definitely worth a quick read.

Apple’s notebook designs rarely change significantly. In fact, the current MacBook Pros look pretty similar to the Titanium PowerBook G4 I bought when it was introduced almost eight years ago.

The expected announcement date of the MacBook ‘brick’ (whatever it may be) is October 14.

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