Toshiba Shipping first Notebooks with HD DVD-R

Qosmio G45Toshibaâ€â„¢s now shipping the Qosmio G45-AV680 multimedia notebook, the first notebook featuring an HD DVD-R drive. The HD DVD-R drive can burn up to 30GB of data onto a single disc. Users will be able to watch HD content at at full 1080p resolution.

âہ“Already Toshibaâ€â„¢s premiere audio-video solution, the new Qosmio is a remarkable step forward in the digital renaissance, in terms of putting high-definition capabilities and creative multimedia tools into peopleâ€â„¢s hands,â€Â said Mark Simons, vice president and general manager at Toshiba’s Digital Products Division. âہ“Whether you want to immortalize a recent European vacation on HD DVD, simply enjoy the perfection of studio-produced high-definition films with stunning Dolby surround sound or listen to music, the Qosmio puts a world of opportunity at our fingertips.â€Â

Toshiba plans on rolling out many more notebooks equipped with HD DVD-R drives in the coming months. Those interested in high-capacity optical drive burners should also consider Blu-ray burners, which record up to 50GB on a single disc.

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