HP’s White dv6500 ‘Special Edition’

HP 6500t whiteHP Japan is minting 1,000 special edition dv6500 notebooks that feature a white lid. Not sure how ‘limited’ or ‘special’ these white HP dv6500 series notebooks are, with similar looking ones showing up everywhere from HP’s home shopping catalog to Best Buy. Other than the white snow pattern, these notebooks are identical to the standard dv6500’s and can be configured with the latest IntelCore 2 Duo processors.

I understand all the hype that can be built around calling something ‘limited’ or ‘special’, but manufacturers need to be a little more honest when they market series as such, especially if customers are paying a premium.

Update: As expected, HP’s selling the white dv6500 ‘Special Edition’ notebook online, so anyone can purchase one. There seems to be no shortage of these white dv6500 notebooks. Here’s the HP product page:
HP Pavilion Dv6500t Special Edition Customizable Notebook PC

HP 6500t white


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