Most Home Notebook Buyers Opt for Vista Home Premium

Vista Home PremiumSince the launch of Vista, notebook consumers have chosen notebooks loaded with Vista Home Premium 76% of the time, according to a report from Current Analysis that details computer sales for the week ending Feb. 3. 

The price difference between Vista Home Premium and Vista Home Basic PCs was considerable, with Vista Home Premium notebooks selling for an average sales price of $863 and Vista Home Basic notebooks selling for an average of $616. Consumers are willing to pay the premium for Vista Premium’s Media Center features and Aero graphics.  

HP was the most aggressive OEM of the Windows Vista introduction, accounting for a 54% share of Vista Home Premium sales and a 53% of Vista Home Basic unit sales. The week prior to the introduction of Vista (the week ending January 27, 2007), HP represented only 33% of all PC retail unit sales.

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