Tulip Ego Notebook Goes to New York

Ego Lifestyle, the Dutch high-end luxury lifestyle consumer electronics is introducing its latest luxury notebook, the Tulip Ego at Barneys New York. While most manufacturers make fashionistas pick a color they have to live with for years, the uber-fashionable Ego Tulip features round shapes and interchangeable skins, which are available in a variety of designer fabrics, finishes and colors.

Barneys New York is selling the Tulip Ego notebook in pure white, and with an additional Chique (raspberry color) skin for $5,400. A ï¿Â½Chiqueï¿Â½Ãƒ¯Ã‚¿Ã‚½ raspberry colored skin is included, and 11 others are available. Cheap compared to the European-only Otau Ego Diamond notebook, which goes for $350,000.

You donï¿Â½t buy a computer like this for blazing speed, but the specs are good enough for most users. The Tulip Ego includes a 12.1-inch WXGA widescreen, AMD Turion 64 single core processor, 1 gig of memory, 80GB drive and DVD-RW drive.

Barneyï¿Â½s will carry exclusively for the next 12 months, before Ego seeks wider U.S. distribution.

Tulip Ego “Soul” faux Zebra Skin


Tulip Ego Notebook in faux Wood skin

Tulip Ego Desert

Tulip Ego Notebook in distressed Desert skin

Otazo Ego Diamond Edition Logo in Diamonds

Link to Ego Tulip Lifestyle Notebook Product Page

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