Dell Kills 90 Day Warranties


Dell has scuttled its 90-day warranties on notebook computers, improving protection on all notebooks to one year or more. . Consumer-grade Inspirons had been subject to the lackluster 90-day warranties for about a year, with an “extended” one year warranty starting at $29.

“This is another way to provide more value to customers, instead of changing the price, we are providing additional value,” said Mike Maher, a Dell spokesperson. “The one year warranties will also improve customer service expectations and experience.”

Apparently, customers aren’t too happy when they call for support 91 days after plopping down a wad of cash for a new computer, only to be told their machine is already out of warranty.

Props to Dell for the news, but what about all those people that bought an Inspiron yesterday? And can someone please tell me why oh why Dell still insists on using the crooked E? Doesn’t another Texas company have the trademark to that or something?

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