Dry Case WaterProof iPad Case Review: Underwater iPad Adventure (video)

If you like to take your iPad everywhere, then we have a case for you. The Dry Case waterproof vacuum sealed iPad case is a new item that comes from a company that has made waterproof products for quite some time and now they’re making case designed to fit the iPad, Kindle or other tablets of similar size. The Dry Case iPad case is rated for depths of up to 100 feet.

The Dry Case tablet waterproof case is a fully enclosed waterproof cover for your iPad. The Dry Case has four clasps on the top which keep water out. You also vacuum out all the remaining air creating a tight seal so that you can use your iPad while in the case. One really nice feature is that there is a headphone jack that can be used while the iPad tablet is inside this case, even if it’s underwater.

Dry Case Waterproof iPad Case Video Review:


In our tests we found that the Dry Case is very capable at keeping water out, even with the iPad completely submerged. That said, while you can use the iPad when it is inside the case, you can’t use it while underwater because the water interferes with the touchscreen as you can see in the video. You can try to avoid this be leaving some air in the case, but if you don’t plan to use it underwater, you may as well pump all the air out — just in case it goes in the water.

For the most part the second case is designed for on the go people who want to keep their iPad safe when they’re near water, or playing around you the edge of water or near a swimming pool—but not really for taking your iPad underwater. We like that there are several connection options including an armband and lanyard hooks. While you could get a waterproof bag of some type from your local sporting goods store, but it won’t likely have the built-in headphone jack.

Conclusion: the Dry Case is a really nice case for the price if you want a case that you can take your iPad out without worrying about it getting wet in this offers a really good value. One of the only things we don’t like is that while the case has a warranty, if your gadgets would get wet while they’re in the Dry Case, they would be covered under any warned. This is understandable, because how can Dry Case know how your iPad got wet, but unfortunate.


  • Doesn’t add bulk
  • Keeps your iPad waterproof
  • Vacuum seals
  • In your headphones while your iPad as in the case
  • Affordable for all you get


  • Can be tricky to get the plastic flat on the screen
  • Hard to use iPad screen while underwater
  • The case has a warranty, but your gadgets don’t

Dry Case Waterproof iPad Case Gallery:


  • JaneIl says:

    Great review of the waterproof case. I have personally found some of those cases to be a bit more bulky when using my iPad and have found another product to fit my everyday needs and it’s only $2.50. I use an iLoc case since I live near the beach to keep out sand and use it often for camping and hiking as well. You can purchase it through ebay or at http://www.iLocstore.com.

  • Andy Rossiter says:

    Having purchased this drycase to protect my iPad, my case did in fact leak. After following all the instructions water managed to enter through the white valve near the bottom of the case. I have informed the company but they can’t be bothered to respond, not even with an apology at the fact I need to replace my iPad. If you don’t want to risk a drowned device and no response from the company then buy a different dry case.

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