BatteryBar: Better Battery Meter for XP and Vista Notebooks

BatteryBar is a huge improvement over the standard battery meter you’ll find on your Windows notebook. Instead of just giving the approximate time until your battery dies BatteryBar gives you a full readout of your battery’s status and health.

BatteryBar uses statistical time prediction to provide realistic estimates of how long your battery will last. The data points are gathered from your battery’s historical performance. The standard battery meter you find in Windows doesn’t have anything like this and that’s one of the reasons you’ll see your ‘battery remaining’ notifications jump all over the place.


BatteryBar is a free application available from OSIRIS Development. There is a pro version available for $7.50 which adds 20 custom settings and audible low-battery alerts.


I highly recommend BatteryBar, especially for those of you with notebooks that have crippled battery meters that don’t give you ‘time remaining’ info.

via Bard Linder of DownloadSquad and Liliputing


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