How to Make the Ultimate iTunes Playlist

So you've got thousands of songs in your iTunes library. How many would you say you actually listen to? If you are like many people, you probably only listen to...
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Playing with Windows Media Player 12

I have had a while now to experience some of the improved features in Windows 7 more intimately. One of my favorite past times on the PC of course is listening to music. I would describe my collection as mostly Popular music with numerous Rhythm and Blues selections. I do listen Rock and Alternative but not too aggressively. Windows Media Player 12 is not a drastic departure from version 11, it adds nice enhancements that make's engaging with your music more fun. Lets take a look..

Supersize Your Computer and Mobile Devices with Zumodrive (Video)

Yesterday Zecter Inc. opened up their very interesting cloud storage service called Zumodrive to public beta users. Zumodrive, which has been in private beta for some time, is a cloud based storage service with a few additional tricks up its sleeve. "Cloud Storage that Feels Local" says the their homepage.
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slotMusic: DRM-Free Music on MicroSD Cards

SanDisk is teaming up with major recording labels and retailers to sell music on MicroSD cards. The "slotMusic" MicroSD cards will come pre-loaded with DRM-free albums in MP3 format, album art, liner notes and videos on select albums.
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Midomi – Find That Tune by Humming to Your Computer

MidomiMidomi can track down almost any song by listening to your singing or humming and matching your voice to those of its users. Just fire up and sing to your notebook to get started. The beauty of this system is you can be a horrible singer and still find what you're looking for.
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24 Illegal Songs Cost Woman $220,000

The music industry is serious about stopping illegal music downloads. In the first trial to challenge illegal music downloads, a single mother from Minnesota was ordered $220,000 dollars for sharing 24 songs via Kazaa.
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Amazon MP3 DRM-Free Review

Amazon MP3 Amazon announced the Beta release of Amazon MP3, a new music download service that features DRM-free tracks and albums. The service can save music fans some money and offers flexibility not found many popular music services.
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iPod Touch, new Nanos, Shuffle and iPod ‘Classic’ Announced

iPod Nano Apple revamped its entire line of iPods today. The company announced the iPod Touch, an iPhone minus the phone, and updated the Nano, Shuffle and iPod Video. The iPod Touch features the same touchscreen as the iPhone and WiFi for web browsing and purchasing songs wirelessly. All of the iPods, except for the Shuffle, have an extensively redesigned interface.
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iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store Announced

iTunes WiFi Music Store Apple unveiled the Wi-Fi Music Store, which will allow Wi-Fi enabled iPod and iPhone users to browse, preview and purchase songs over the air.
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iTunes Plus – High Quality and DRM Free Music

iTunes PlusApple's launched iTunes Plus—DRM-free music tracks featuring high quality 256 kbps AAC encoding- for $1.29 per song. iTunes Plus is launching with EMI’s digital catalog of recordings, including singles and albums from Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, Norah Jones, Frank Sinatra, Joss Stone and Pink Floyd.