MSI GT660 Gaming Notebook Specs Revealed

MSI revealed the specs of their GT660 notebook, which was introduced back in February along with their Wind Top All-In-Ones. It is intended to be a desktop repl...

Steam on Mac Tested

One of the arguments that PC fans have been throwing in the face of Mac users is the lack of gaming support. Then Steam announced a Mac version. Suddenly one of...

Steam for Mac Released; Free Portal

Great news for gamers with Mac's; Valve has finally released Steam for Mac -- and as an added bonus they are including a free download of the hit game Portal th...

Playing iPad Games on Your TV

The video games on the iPad range from the totally ridiculous to the absolutely awesome. Regardless of your tastes, one thing that would be cool is to pl...

Valve opens up Steam to run on Macs

Good news for all of the Mac gamers out there. It looks like Valve Software, the company behind the Steam game distribution engine, is finally coming to the Mac...

Dell’s Leaving Gaming to Alienware, Launches M17x

165680-m17x-1_350Dell's been promoting two lines of gaming notebooks since it acquired Alienware. But things sure are changing with the introduction of the Alienware M17x. The Alienware M17x is the will be sold directly by Dell and the XPS line will no longer cater to gamers.

HP Pavilion dv2 Game Demo: Call of Duty World at War

cod_world_at_warThe HP Pavilion dv2 is an ultraportable notebook that's affordable, but has enough graphics muscle that users can enjoy video games and play Blu-ray discs. After toning done the graphics setting, I played Call of Duty Word: World at War at over 30 frames per second and recorded the below video clips.
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Alienware Area 51 m15x announced (video)

Alienware Area 51 m15xChris from Alienware showed me the new Area 51 m15x gaming and multimedia notebook. It's the only 15.4-inch notebook with Intel Core 2 Extreme processor and NVIDIA 8800M GTX graphics card. The Area 51 m15x has a media bay that can handle a second hard drive, for up to 640GB of storage. There's an optional Blu-ray drive if you want to enjoy movies at full 1080p goodness.