WaterField Designs Staad Backpack the Best Computer Bag I’ve Ever Used

The WaterField Designs Staad Backpack looks great, but the company’s pictures and videos don’t do it justice. It’s the most attractive, comfortable and well designed computer bag I’ve used, beating out all the computer bags, backpacks and cases tested over the years.

staad backpack from waterfield designs

Here’s our video review of the Staad Backpack from WaterField Designs.

Rarely do we see a bag with materials that look good and feel better while functioning so well in one package. The Staad Backpack carries a load without feeling like it. WaterField Designs bags, cases and covers always come with exceptional quality, design and utility. Anyone familiar with them knows that few other solutions offer the same level of quality. The Staad continues the tradition.

staad backpack outside pocket zipped up

The Staad Backpack comes in two body materials, Waxed Canvas or Black Ballistic. The ballistic nylon feels sturdy like it will last forever. This time they sent us the Waxed Canvas, which looks beautiful. It feels like a bag railroad couriers used to carry important documents for the railroad on the western frontier in the 1800s.

staad backpack flap and clasp

A flap covers the opening of the bag with one of three complementary colors, Black, Chocolate and Grizzly leather. We got the Chocolate and it enhances the Waxed Canvas look with an appealing contrast. The WWII style connector snaps over a rectangular shaped post. The second part of the flap connector slides into the opening that juts up through the first part of the connector as seen above. The design keeps the flap shut securely. It won’t fly open while rushing to a bus, train, class or meeting.

staad backpack inside

The company makes two sizes, the Slim and Stout. The Slim fits machines up to 13 inches computer while the Stout fits computers up to 15. Slide the computer into the inner pocket and slide a tablet into the smaller pocket made for a 10-inch iPad or Android tablet like the Nexus 10. There’s plenty of room for other stuff even in the Slim. Carry books, folders or magazines. Travelers can slide small personal items in the compartment. A zipper opens to fit larger objects in the bottom of the compartment. Zip it up to secure them.

There’s also a pair of smaller pockets inside the main compartment with velcro to hold them closed. We fit a mouse in one and a battery backup/charger in the other. A small hard drive would fit too.

staad backpack outside pocket open

On the outside two more pockets zip up diagonally and will fit things like a laptop charger, some connector cables, a cell phone and some headphones. They look small but surprisingly fit a lot.

staad backpack one shoulder

The two shoulder straps adjust to fit large people like me or smaller ones like my son. People who like to carry a bag over one shoulder or over both will feel comfortable with the Staad Backpack.

staad backpack two shoulders

We’ve saved one detail for the end, because it will keep some from considering this great bag. WaterField Designs charges $319 for the Slim version and $329 for the Stout. That’s a lot, but it will last forever and look good doing it. We don’t hesitate to recommend this computer backpack for anyone who’s willing to pay for an awesome, luxury computer backpack.

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