Sony VAIO Z, VAIO S & VAIO E Notebooks Updated with Ivy Bridge

In addition to delivering a new affordable Ultrabook in the VAIO T series, Sony announced a collection of updates to the VAIO notebooks including the latest Intel 23rd Generation processors.

The Sony VAIO Z, VAIO S and VAIO Z notebooks all offer new configuration options and start shipping on June 5th.

Sony VAIO Z 2012 Update

Sony Vaio Z 2012 Update

The Sony VAIO Z notebook update for 2012 is minor, but it is important to remember that the notebook maintains the LightPeak proprietary “ThunderBolt” connector that hooks up to an external dock and GPU.

New for 2012 is the ability to buy the VAIO Z without the dock which brings the price of the Z down to $1,599. The VAIO Z dock is $300 with a DVD drive and $400 with a Blu-Ray drive.

The main differences include the new Sony VAIO Core i5 and Core i7 3rd Generation processors, 1920 X 108) P HD 13.1-inch displays and a standard 128GB SSD.

The VAIO Z is available in the Sony Store.

Sony VAIO S 2012 Update

Sony VAIO S 2012 Update

The Sony VAIO S includes the new 2.5Ghz Intel Core i5 processor and the option for NVIDIA GT640M LE switchable graphics or the integrated Intel 4000 HD graphics.

The VAIO S notebooks bear a striking resemblance to the Z series, but are thicker and heavier with a slot loading DVD drive. The new VAIO S series notebooks include  larger trackpad with improved performance.

The VAIO S series is available in 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch models starting at $899 and $999 respectively. There is also a premium VAIO 13.3-inch S model available for $1,119.

The VAIO S is available in the Sony Story.

Sony VAIO E 2012 Update

Sony VAIO E 2012 Update

The new Sony VAIO E series notebooks include a new look with a “wrap around” design and a collection of new processor options. The mid-range Sony VAIO E notebooks are priced for the mainstream and budget notebook market so we see last gen Intel Core i3 processors and new AMD processor options.

The VAIo S 14.4-inch and 15-inch notebooks start at $549.99 and $449.99. The premium VAIO E 15-inch notebook includes a new 3rd Gen Intel Core i3 processor starting at $699.

The 11.6-inch VAIO E is powered by AMD and starts at $449. All notebooks other than AMD include a backlit keyboard.

The VAIO E is available in the Sony Story.

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