gScreen Dual 17″ Screen Notebook Finally For Sale

If you need a massive 34 inches of screen real estate on the go, then you need to look at the, finally available for purchase, gScreen SpaceBook. We’ve been covering this dual screen notebook since 2009, and the wait is now over.


gScreen SpaceBook Dual Screen notebook

gScreen SpaceBook dual screen notebook with 17" displays.


The gScreen SpaceBook features two slide out 17″ LCD displays, each with 1920 x 1080 resolution. The screens expand when you open the notebook to deliver a dual screen workspace on the go. The setup looks impressive, but you will need a hefty backpack to carry around this 10 pound beast.

The Windows Team Blog had a chance to go hands on with the most current model and had good things to say about the design.

The SpaceBook is unlike any laptop before it.  Rather than have a single display, it has two that slide out from the center to create and amazing panorama display.  Both panels are 17” full HD (1920 x 1080) glass, available in either a glossy or matte finish.   It’s a really amazing design that’s really functional; the panels slide open and closed very easily, and with some thoughtful design (the battery is in the front, not the back) the PC is remarkably stable when open.  You’d think that it would tip over due to the weight of the glass, but it doesn’t. Even though the model I saw was a prototype, construction was solid and the PC felt great to use.  I can only assume that the final for-sale model will be even better.

The SpaceBook looks impressive, but the specs don’t match up with the $2,395 price tag. Inside you’ll find an Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 processor and an Nvidia GeForce GTS 250M 1GB GPU. These specs aren’t bad, but they are definitely outdated. if you are going to pay top dollar for a specialized machine you would expect to get the latest processors and graphics cards — especially if you are going to use it a a mobile editing studio.

If you can stomach the $2,395 and $2,795 price tags, you can put your money down on a SpaceBook right now. The good news is that you can pre-order with 50% down, leaving you another few months to scrape together the rest of the cash.

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