Dell Panerai Hints at Second-Gen Inspiron Duo Netvertible

A recent FCC application was spotted for a Dell Panerai, which may suggest that Dell may be looking to expand its Inspiron Duo line in the convertible netbook market. While many have praised the original Inspiron Duo for its unique swiveling screen design in the convertible form factor netbook market, the device suffered from poor battery life and sluggish performance with its Atom processor.

Hopefully, with the Panerai, which may be a codename, the Dell netvertible will rectify the shortcomings of the original.

The original Inspiron Duo could either be used in tablet mode or in laptop mode with its convertible design. Rather than a swiveling hinge at the base of the screen and the chassis, Dell had moved the swivel mechanism to two points on the screen’s frame. That way, when closed in tablet mode, the sleek curves would still be maintained as it looks like the laptop is closed, but with the screen on the lid side.

Via: Engadget

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