Toshiba Recalls 33 Laptop Models Sold Since January 9th 2011

Toshiba announced this week that it was recalling 33 Toshiba laptop models, many of which were just announced at CES 2011, due to a design issue with the Intel 6 Series Chipset.

The affected laptops won’t catch on fire or fall apart right away, but Intel discovered that there was an issue with some of the Serial ATA ports in the chipsets which could degrade over time and result in poor performance of hard drives and DVD drives.

If you purchased one of the Toshiba laptops below Toshiba asks that you return your laptop to the store you purchased it from for a full refund. Before you return your laptop you should back up all of your data to an external hard drive or if it is small enough upload it to Dropbox. You should also use a tool to wipe your hard drive of personal information.

The following Toshiba Laptops have been recalled:

Model Name Model Numbers
Satellite A660 See note below
Satellite A665 S5176, S5177, S5182, S5183, S5184, S5185, S5187, S5189, S6100
Satellite A665 3D Edition 3DV10, 3DV11, 3DV12
Satellite E305 S1990
Satellite L655 S5161, S5161BN, S5161RD, S5161WH, S5162, S5166, S5166BN, S5166RD, S5166WH, S5167
Satellite M645 S4116, S4118
Portege R835 P50, P55, P56
Qosmio X500 Q930
Qosmio X505 Q8100, Q8102, Q8104
Note: If you purchased a Satellite A660 from Toshiba Direct, with a Core i7 2630QM quad-core processor, you will be contacted directly by Toshiba.

We expect to see other retails announcing similar plans to recall affected laptops in the near future.

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