Quick Tip: Use A Knot In Your Cables To Prevent Them From Falling Behind Your Desk

As a student, I take my laptop with me to class every day. That means unplugging the power cable and any USB devices that I have hooked up to it every day. When my laptop is gone and they don’t have anything to plug into, the cables tend to fall on the ground, and nothing is less fun than returning from class only to crawl underneath my desk to run the wires back up there.


Forgoing the sometimes expensive docking route, I’ve found a simple solution to this problem that works well and is completely free! All you have to do is make a little knot-loop in one of your cables and run the other ones through it. I’ve found that when bundled together, cables tend to fall behind the desk much less frequently. Now when I get home from class my cables are waiting there to greet me rather than hanging out on the floor!

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