Sandisk Releasing New Drives Now with Security and Cloud Backup Included

At CES 2011 Sandisk announced a new addition to their USB Flash Drives – security software and online backup features. In addition they are releasing the highest capacity CompactFlash card with 128GB of storage and two new USB drives.

The security software offered on SanDisk’s new USB flash drives is called SanDisk SecureAccess. With it users can encrypt their files and password-protect the drive or just folders/files on the drive. This will be included on all new drives.

When a user shares a drive with someone else they will be able to hide some files in a secured and hidden partition on the drive.


In addition the drives will come with 2GB of online backup for free. The drives will start shipping with the new software immediately.

Two of the new USB Flash drives being released with the new software are the SanDisk Ultra USB Flash Drive and the SanDisk Cruzer Edge USB Flash Drive. The first one has speeds of up to 15MB/sec and comes in capacities of 8-32GB. The price runs from $44.99 to $109.99 respectively. It is going on sale later this month.


The SanDisk Cruzer Edge USB Flash Drive comes in capacities of 2GB to 16GB for between $12.99 to $79.99 and will be available some time in the next few months.


The 128GB CF card is called the 128GB SanDisk Extreme Pro CF Card. The card also boasts a speed of 100MB/sec thanks to a Power Core controller and UDMA-7 interface.

The focus of this new card is professional photographers. The size makes full HD video capture on some of the high-end DSLR cameras that are more often being used for shooting video, even in professional film making situations, thanks to their cost and versatility of lenses. Sandisk offers a “Video Performance Guarantee” which promises to write at speeds of 20MB/sec at a minimum, required for video capture. The new cards will be available in Q1 2011 for $1,499.99.

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