Splashtop OS Now Offers Instant On Experience For Free

Jealous of the fast boot times of the MacBook Air or SSD toting Windows machines? Well, be green with envy no more, the Splashtop OS is now available for consumers to download and use right now. Instead of waiting for Windows to boot up, which can take minutes, Splashtop can boot into a usable browser in just seconds.

Here’s a quick look at Splashtop OS for Consumers:

The Splashtop OS features the Chromium browser, which is a version of Chrome, Bing for search and Adobe Flash player pre-installed.

If you want to test out Splashtop, you just need to install it from Windows, like you would any other program. You don’t have to get rid of Windows either, it is still the primary operating system for your computer, Splashtop is just a quicker link to the web.

In addition to near-instant access to Internet, you’ll have access to the Intel AppUp Store and applications like Splashtop Remote which allows you to quickly make remote desktop connections to more powerful machines such as a server or your primary computer.

Here’s a demo of Splashtop:

Currently Splashtop OS has been tested with the following laptops, with more being added;

  • HP Mini 110
  • Compaq Mini CQ10
  • HP Mini 210
  • HP Pavilion dm4
  • HP Pavilion dv4
  • HP Pavilion dv5
  • HP Pavilion dv6
  • HP Pavilion dv7

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