Top 15 Notebook Brands As Ranked By Social Media

It’s not a big surprise that Apple tops the social media rankings for top notebook brands, but you may be surprised to see the worldwide rankings of other top brands like Dell, HP and Lenovo.

Unlike other brand and notebook ratings systems, the Amplicate notebook brand rankings take into account the “Love” and volume each brand receives from social media services. The ratings use a Bayesian average to figure out the brand “Love” Score.

Top Notebook Brands March 2011 by Social Media

Rank Brand Love % Msgs
1 Apple 64.78 25,827
2 LG 71.81 1,724
3 Sony 52.34 2,432
4 Panasonic 78.00 150
5 Asus 62.50 168
6 HCL 56.76 37
7 Hewlett Packard 52.38 21
8 Packard Bell 20.00 5
9 Medion 0 8
10 Fujitsu 28.57 42
11 Lenovo 32.54 126
12 Toshiba 34.81 181
13 Acer 21.67 263
14 Samsung 26.02 2,137
15 Dell 19.51 1,697
Avg Avg Laptop Brands 59.04 34,818

These laptop and notebook brand rankings are refreshed every month and take into account how much users “Love” a brand. Amplicate is able to determine whether a status update or Tweet was a love or hate message and turn that into an overall ranking.

While Apple is leading the way with many more messages, the competition has higher Love percentages, which indicate a loyal commitment, even if it is from a smaller segment of users on social media services.

Some of the brands may not look familiar since this accounts for brands that make notebooks that appear predominantly in other countries. It’s interesting to see the low percentage of Love given to brands like HP, Lenovo and Dell. While they aren’t known for a cult-like following of Apple, these companies all make interesting notebooks.

The social media rankings are based on the status updates and as such, there is a margin of error. For example, if you follow through to the Apple Love or Apple Hate messages on Amplicate you’ll notice some of the updates are blatant fanboy comments praising or hating on Apple. The sentiment can be further misleading due to the fact that many of these brands make more than just notebooks.

What do you think about these rankings? What’s your favorite notebook brand.

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