Bing is the New Default Search Engine on HP Computers

bingAt the Microsoft Keynote Steve Balmer, who opened with “We Bing, We Bing!”, announced a partnership with HP that will make Bing the default search engine on all HP computers as well as additional partnerships to show Microsoft pages as the default home page on new HP computer purchases.

While users will be free to change the home screen and search engine away from Bing this partnership will put Bing in front of more users; many who won’t ever change those default settings. There’s no doubt that the partnership will lead to more market share for Bing as these new computers penetrate the market; especially since the new partnership includes business machines which may not give users the ability to change.

Most of the crew prefers Google Search over Bing, with my dissenting vote for Bing’s shopping site which offers cashback and decent research capabilities for making a purchase.

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