Verizon “Iconic Device” Available for Preorder Nov 9 Could be iPhone or Droid Pro

November 9 is the day that Verizon will be taking orders for an unnamed “Iconic Device” that they are expecting to be in heavy demand, according to The Unofficial Apple Weblog. That is the term Verizon uses for a device they cannot name but is expected to cause a lot of demand at their retail locations.

The post linked above speculates that because Apple likes to announce new products on Tuesdays and they often do so with very short notice, that this could be the much anticipated and yet to be confirmed Verizon iPhone. However, an update said that one of their readers reminded them that the Motorola Droid Pro is supposed to be available for preorder on the same day, which seems much more likely. And now a leaked internal memo shows pricing for the Droid Pro ($179) and the Samsung Continuum ($199) makes it even more likely that the “Iconic Device” is not the iPhone but likely the Droid Pro.

If you are planning to buy an iPhone this week but really wish you could get one for use with Verizon, it would be wise to at least wait till next Tuesday and if you can hold off till January, that might be wise as well, since there are plenty of rumors that it will become reality at that time.

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