Gadget Census: Smartphone Popularity by State

Retrevo recently posted the results of their Gadget Census of the United States, which was a study used to distinguish where specific smartphone platforms are most popular. The three smartphone platforms that were measured were Android phones, BlackBerries, and iPhones.

Andrew, at Retrevo, describes how the votes were calculated:

“Gadgetoral votes were calculated based on smartphone ownership per capita across the country. Each state was granted a 3 vote minimum consistent with electoral college. Phone states” were created based on differences in per capita ownership between individual states and the national average.”

Over 7,500 individuals responded to Retrevo during this study. These responses were weighted based on the demographics of the location. The results show that Android is the dominant platform among the most states in the United States. However, based on population, the iPhone is the most popular due to “Gadgetoral” Votes.

For more information regarding this study, be sure to check out Retrevo’s Gadget Census Apportions States by Smartphone Ownership.

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