Free Hard Drive Cloning Tool From Intel for Intel SSD Migration

If you want to move all of your data from one hard drive to another the easiest way is to clone your hard drive, and now individuals who purchase an Intel SSD will be able to clone their hard drive for free with the Intel SSD Cloning Utility.

The free hard drive cloning tool appears to work similar to the free Acronis True Image software offered by Western Digital, and requires that you have an Intel SSD drive in order to function. You’ll also need an external hard drive case or connector so that you can connect the Intel SSD to your computer at the same time as your standard hard drive. When you are done you can install your old hard drive in the external case for easy access to large files.

By cloning your existing hard drive to your Intel SSD you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off with all of your documents, files and settings ready to go. Cloning your hard drive to a new one can cut hours off of upgrading to an SSD.

One important thing to consider is that the amount of data on your hard drive needs to be smaller than your SSD so you may need to clean up your downloads and media files to fit on a smaller SSD. If you need to find large files a program like TreeSize is a free and easy way to do so.

We have an Intel SSD in the house for testing and will use the Intel SSD Cloning Utility to move our data over to it shortly. We will be giving a full review of the SSD and comparing it’s performance to the traditional 500GB hard drive we are taking out of the system. We also have an Intel SSD to give away to a lucky reader, so look for that review for your chance to win.

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