Monster and Beats Add new Headphones and a Speaker Dock

For music lovers that want a premium audio experience on the go Beats by Dre has been one of the go to brands and now there are more options to listen to your music the way the artist intended you to. Dre. Dre and Jimmy Iovine showed off a new collection of Beats audio products today including the new smaller iBeats, a Justin Bieber branded line of headphones, a Beats Speaker dock and sports themed pair of Beats headphones and a Beats Pro headset for those with extra cash.

If you aren’t familiar with Beats it is hardware and software combination that work together to deliver cleaner crisper audio on the go. Dre. Dre has been at the forefront of the Beats Audio movement that includes a collection of HP ENVY Notebooks like the new HP ENVY 14 Beats Edition that are powered by Beats audio for a higher quality laptop audio experience when paired with Beats headphones. recent surveys show that laptop buyers are increasingly willing to pay for higher quality audio.

First up are the iBeats headphones which are the smallest Beats in ear headphones and also the cheapest at $99 (current list price on the Beats By Dre website is $119). Even though they are small and cost less, Laptop Mag reports that Monster CEO Noel Lee claims that these in-ear headphones have same quality of the rest of the Beats Line.

Additionally Beats has partnered with Justin Bieber for a line of Beats Solo headphones and JustBeats in-ear headphones which retail for $199 and $119 respectively. These headphones are Bieber’s favorite color purple.

Next up is a pair of sports inspired headphones that are meant to deliver quality audio while you are working out. The PowerBeats headphones were designed with the help of Lebron James. These headphones feature an around the ear design to keep them in place while you are working out and avoid the odd noises you often get when sweating and wearing headphones. The PowerBeats retail for $179.95.

Rounding out the Winter line up is a pair of $399 studio style headsets aimed at DJ’s  and a Beats speaker dock called the BeatBox that also retails for $399 (though is currently priced at $449 on The BeatBox has a dock for the iPhone or iPod Touch and while it has no subwoofer claims to provide a full audio range.

According to Laptop Mag these new Beats headphones and speaker dock will be available this holiday season and at Best Buy in October.