Partying with the HP Envy 15

Last week I went to New York City for the Windows 7 launch and went to a party sponsored by Microsoft and HP with a bunch of tech bloggers, including Andrew Edwards of, Judie Lipsett of GearDiary and Hector Russo There were a bunch of HP products on display, but

The DJ was using an HP Envy 15, an application called Tracktor Scratch Pro and Beats by Dre headphones as part of his setup.


What’s nice about the HP Envy 15 is that it has a 1920 x 1080 pixel display, which means it has plenty of room for application, toolbars, and windows. Most 15-inch notebooks have much lower display resolutions, which makes it tough to work on some creative applications.

Microsoft_HP_NY_Party (5)

The HP Envy 15 definitely looks at home in a nightclub-the DJ told me he’s enjoyed using it over the past several weeks. One thing that’s sorely lacking from the Envy 15, and Envy 13 for that matter, is a backlit keyboard. It would add to the functionality of the notebooks and make them appear a little more luxurious.

Microsoft_HP_NY_Party (1)

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