Church Worship Service Captured With 7 iPhone 4s as Video Cameras

People are doing amazing things with the HD video camera on the iPhone 4 including making beautiful short films and making music videos, but this church took it to a new level by combing the video of 7 different iPhones to create a live video of their Praise band.

Some might be more surprised that this is a worship service. After getting over that shock, the realization that the video crew recorded the audio and the video from this performance using only an iPhone is amazing. They performed this feat by interspersing the phones around the room and attaching one of them to a 30′ Jib (the scenes that look like they are floating above the audience). The audio comes from one of the 7 iPhones. They did not do any special editing other than splicing the scenes together. There is no word on what software they used to put it together. Could it be iMovie?

Granted this was not a local church, but a large conference with many churches in attendance and the video was shot by a professional video studio. Still, it is impressive that they used nothing more than the iPhone.