StumbleUpon Now Available for iPhone and Android Devices

The popular web-based content discovery service, StumbleUpon, is now available as applications for both the iPhone and Android devices running 2.1 Eclair or 2.2 Froyo. Using StumbleUpon, users can discover random websites and share their findings with people on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

StumbleUpon for mobile devices displays a toolbar above the website at the top of the screen. If you like the web page you’re looking at, tap the thumbs up symbol. If not, tap the thumbs down symbol. On the app’s home screen, you can select what topic you would like to search websites by, as well as search by sites that are best for mobile stumbling.

In order to use the new app, users must sign up for a StumbleUpon account. Doing so allows StumbleUpon to sync favorites lists, topic preferences, and contacts.

A new feature for mobile use, due to the speed constraints of 3G networks, is thumbnail previews of pages. This allows users to get an idea of what website StumbleUpon is taking them to, without taking the time to load the whole page. If the user doesn’t want to view that website, they can move on to the next recommendation.

The StumbleUpon app is available on the App Store and the Android Marketplace. Additionally, StumbleUpon has been available for the iPad. Versions of the mobile app for other platforms are expected to be released in the coming months.

Via StumbleUpon Official Blog

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