Office for Mac 2011 Will Include Photo Editing and Sparklines

This past Wednesday, Microsoft announced that Office for Mac 2011 will include two key features that were included in Microsoft Office 2010: Photo editing and mini charts.

It used to be that even basic photo editing had to be done outside of the Office Suite and then brought in. Now, in both Office for Mac 2011 and Microsoft Office 2010, photos can be edited directly in Word, Powerpoint, or Excel. This is by no means competition for a full-fledged photo editing application like Adobe Photoshop, but basic functions such as recoloring, adding filters, and cropping images can be completed. This should save a lot of time as well as enhance the look of your documents and presentations.

The other key feature is only found in Excel. Mini charts, or Sparklines, are tiny charts that fit in a single cell. These allow you to see the trend in individual data points.

Additionally, Office for Mac 2011 will include SkyDrive compatibility, allowing you to create, access, and edit documents using Office Web Apps. To learn about other Office for Mac 2011 features, check out our Office 2011 for Mac coverage or the Office for Mac 2011 product page. Office for Mac 2011 is expected to be released this October.


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