New OLPC XO-1.5HS With “Normal” Keyboard Spotted, Aimed at Older Students

The almost instantly recognizable green laptops distributed as part of the One Laptop Per Child, OLPC, look like they have received a slight makeover in the form of a Blue OLPC XO-1.5HS aimed at high school students. OLPCNews was able to get their hands on the new OLPC XO laptop that is aimed at developing markets and found out that the new blue notebook is sporting a revamped keyboard.

The Traditionally green original OLPC models were designed for younger users and as such had a plastic web style keyboard aimed at keeping dust and liquids out of the machine but as some users found out this membrane like plastic can tear over time and users report that the keyboard takes some getting used to. More OLPC XO-1.5HS images.

The switch to a new keyboard, on a model aimed at users who will likely do more typing, is a good move according to the short review that Christoph Derndorfer of OLPCNews gave the new keyboard on the OLPC XO-1.5HS. Regarding the new keyboard Derndorfer writes, “Of course I was very keen on doing some typing on the new keyboard and I was very pleasantly surprised by the experience.”

Below is the Full Hands video of the OLPC XO-1.5 HS notebook

Via Liliputing

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