ThinkPad Spill Testing, Engineers Pick Cola Over Coffee (Video)

How do engineers on the ThinkPad team at Lenovo test out the spill resistant keyboards on notebooks like the ThinkPad T410? The answer is simple, they pour cola, or pop if you’re from the midwest, on the keyboard. You can see a video of the ThinkPad spill testing below and learn about why engineers switched from vending machine coffee to soda.

Originally engineers used coffee with cream and sugar but eventually settled on pouring soda because, “Their composition is relatively stable, while the amount of milk and sugar in coffee may vary. They have a high viscosity because of their high sugar content. Finally, they are one of the most commonly consumed beverages.” Also the engineers didn’t have receipts for the coffee and had a hard time getting reimbursed!

For more details check out the Yamato Thinking Lenovo blog and for a look at what happens when your notebook doesn’t have a spillproof design that drains water out check out this head to head video fo water being poured on the keyboard of the ThinkPad T410 and the HP 8440p.


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