On Screen Caps Lock and More Notifications with Keyboard Leds

If your notebook doesn’t have easy to see LEDs to let you know that you have turned on Caps Lock, Scroll Lock or Number Lock; the free Keyboard Leds program may be your new best friend.

Keyboard Leds adds a small icon to your system tray, near your clock, that lets you see if you have activated any of these keys. It can also be configured to show a pop up when you activate a Lock key so that you don’t type a line of gibberish.

Keyboard Leds is a free tool that works on Windows systems. If you find yourself constantly turning on Caps Lock when you don’t mean to you should look into making Caps Lock act like a shift key or disabling it to prevent lost time. You can do that and remap other keys using SharpKeys.

Via DownloadSquad

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